Dr. Carl Steinberg

Dr. Carl Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg’s achievements span a wide range of professional and personal activities. Most recently he was voted again as one of Philadelphia's top dentists. Philadelphia magazine surveyed the dentists in the surrounding five counties to compile their list of top dentists.

After attending Temple University for only three years he was accepted into their School of Dentistry. In 1980 he received his Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery. During his time at the undergraduate and graduate level, he received numerous student awards, most notable being elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Dr. Steinberg’s formal training continued with post-graduate education at West Jersey Hospital’s residency program. Upon completion of the program he entered private practice settling in center city Philadelphia. For the next sixteen years Dr. Steinberg was a clinical instructor at the residency program helping the students understand the importance of the interrelationship of the dentistry they were learning and the people they were treating.

Dr. Steinberg’s continual association with education exhibits a commitment to the ideal of being a perpetual student. A philosophy of ‘everyone is my teacher, I can learn from everyone’ is true when he is the student listening to others or the instructor being challenged by his students. Dr. Steinberg has taught in the postgraduate residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He lectures and interactively works with the students in developing their skills in understanding complex reconstructive cosmetic cases and patients with TMJ and occlusal dysfunction.

At  Temple University School of Dentistry, Department of Graduate Orthodontics Dr. Steinberg worked with budding orthodontics to help them understand the principles that straight teeth need to function well.  He discussed the relationship between TMJ, muscle function and the bite so beautiful smiles can last a lifetime. ‘Finding out the cause (diagnosis) and creating a plan of what to do (treatment) is half the battle.’

Dr. Steinberg has presented complex cosmetic reconstructive cases to study clubs locally and to larger groups throughout Pennsylvania and nationally. Dental Sleep Medicine has become another topic of presentation. Dr. Steinberg instructs and works with Sleep Medicine professionals on the use and efficiency of oral appliance therapy for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. He has been requested for radio interviews as well as authoring dental articles.

In 1997, the Academy of General Dentistry (www.AGD.org) honored Dr. Steinberg with their prestigious Mastership Degree. In attaining Mastership, Dr. Steinberg has met the highest criteria of excellence by taking 1100 hours of continuing education in the sixteen disciplines of dentistry. Additionally, 400 hours of training must be ‘hands on’, the ability to demonstrate skills and techniques. Approximately 1% of practicing dentists have achieved Mastership.

Since 1998 Dr. Steinberg has attended the Pankey Institute (www.Pankey.org), arguably one of  the premier centers for advanced dental education in the world. The Institute takes the practical and technical sides of dentistry and combines it with Dr. Pankey’s philosophy of dentistry and life to create an exceptional learning experience. A student comes away with outstanding technical and interpersonal skills and nurturing a positive philosophy towards dental care and life.

Spear Education  (www.SpearEducation.com) is attended by dentists from around the world to learn predictable cutting edge dental care. Many people feel that Frank Spear has created the most prestigious dental education facility in the world.  Dr. Steinberg is part of the visiting faculty.  Several times a year he travels to Arizona to help others learn the skills that Spear and Pankey have taught for years.

Locally, Dr Steinberg leads a local Spear study club, mentoring 10 other dentists on the skills and philosophy taught at Spear education.

With Dr. Steinberg’s respected knowledge of diagnosis and appliance therapy, the new science of Dental Sleep Medicine is the next logical step. Hours of training and study and consultations with other sleep medicine dentists and physicians is helping to expand this growing relationship between dentistry and medicine. New information comes quickly. As a member in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (www.AADSM.org) Dr. Steinberg has access to and can contribute to the most up-to-date information.

Dr. Steinberg is active in many organizations: American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Eastern Dental Society, The Philadelphia Cosmetic Consortium, The Academy of General Dentistry and The Delaware Valley L. D. Pankey Study Club where he currently holds the position of Past President. As President, Dr. Steinberg had the responsibility to develop the educational programs and agendas of the study club based on the teachings and philosophy of The Pankey Institute. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry PEAK program where a small group of cutting-edge dentists share cases and provide a stimulating and challenging growth environment. Dr. Steinberg also holds the current position as President of the Pennsylvania Craniomandibular Society.

In 2013, Dr. Steinberg was presented with the Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition award from the Academy of General Dentistry. Currently, there are only 300 other dentists in the country who have received this award.

Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2010- General Dentistry

Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2014- Cosmetic Dentistry

Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2016- Cosmetic Dentistry

Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2017- Cosmetic Dentistry

Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2018- Cosmetic Dentistry

Carl Steinberg is a caring husband, father and grandfather. He is active in his community and several charities. His many hobbies include music (plays guitar, bass, and piano) composing and recording , sports (golf, bowling, baseball, and Tae Kwon Do – Black Belt), gardening, photography, poetry, woodworking, home remodeling and constructing custom golf clubs. His favorite hobby is spending time with friends and family and especially his grandchildren.


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