State of the Art /Technology

State of the Art Technology

State of the art dental care starts with understanding what is the best way to evaluate and treat our patient’s concerns. Buying the ‘hot new toy’ before it has an opportunity to prove its effectiveness does not benefit the patient nor does it make one a better dentist. We keep abreast of current concepts and technology integrating into our practice what will most benefit our patients. This allows us to provide dental care at its finest!

State of the art care starts with having the time to listen to your concerns and knowing what questions to ask to get all the information needed to treat you optimally. Having appointment times reserved exclusively for you allows our staff to give you the full personalized attention you deserve. We care about you…and it shows!

Surgical telescopes

Allow Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Weger to magnify the small field in which they work to see what can be undetected by the naked eye. The addition of a high-powered headlight floods the area with light. It has been said, “the better you can see, the better you can do.” Magnification is used by all of our treating staff to serve you better.

Digital photography

This is used for diagnosis and communication. A state of the art dental digital camera is used to create a photographic survey. These photographs are studied to pick up any early changes that may exist. Evaluating in this matter allows Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Weger to take as much time as they need to go over each area with a fine-toothed comb.

The images will be reviewed with you. We have found that this provides a wonderful opportunity for our patients to gain a greater understanding of their existing dentistry and their dental needs. Many questions are asked and answered during our review as patients see themselves in a different light.

Laboratory communication is aided with digital photography. We can send your images to our technician, which will assist in the construction of natural looking teeth. Having as much information about your dental case as possible allows us to provide you with our best work.

Computerized imaging

This is a process where we can show you in a photograph what your smile may look like based upon what you want to achieve. Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Weger listen to what you have in mind and will create an artistic image for you. This process allows the communication to flow from patient to doctor in achieving a mutual understanding of the treatment goals. In some instances, this can be done in front you, and they can see the amazement in your eyes as the transformation takes place!

Precision articulators

These are mechanical devices that allow us to mount your study casts (models) and study the workings of your teeth and jaw joint. (see a picture at the TMJ tab) Not only is it important for your smile to look beautiful, but more importantly for it to function correctly. Dental problems must be correctable on articulated models to get long lasting predictable results for our patients.

Caries (decay) detection

Used to rely only on the dentist’s ability to detect a cavity. Today there are aids to make certain that all of the decay is removed. Chemical stains are used that allow us to see decay where we once thought there was none. Once we are certain that only healthy tooth structure remains, the rebuilding of that tooth begins.

What's New

ZOOM Bleaching!  Fast an easy way to whiten your smile in one visit! Chair-side Whitening in about an hour!

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