What Patients Say

Years of neglect and poor dental hygiene created a need to seek out a creative and professional dentist. Dr. Carl E. Steinberg convinced me that proper dental care with timely hygiene visits would manifest into a lifestyle of better wellness and personal satisfaction with my appearance. He was right!

It is in my opinion that he is the Rembrandt of dentistry as well as the consummate professional. He spoke in a manner that was caring and quite credible. I would recommend his style of dentistry and staff as a dental practice that would make any individual leave with a greater degree of self confidence.”

— Sanford Fischer
President, Mortgage Discounters

“Moving from Philadelphia to Chicago resulted in many changes for me. New doctors and finding new service providers for many of my day to day needs. Initially I transferred to a new dentist. Although I had chosen a competent well respected dentist, I ultimately made the decision to return to Dr. Carl Steinberg of Philadelphia.

Dr. Steinberg and his staff take a holistic approach to servicing patients. They care not only about dental health but also a patient’s physical and mental well being. I never feel rushed and always feel that any issue at any time will be addressed. For these reasons, I returned to Dr. Steinberg.

When making my travel plans, I consider my dental requirements. This has worked well for me and I can’t think of any reason for changing.”

— Jean Fendall
Xerox – Chicago, Illinois

“I smile a lot. I am a professional clown. One day I looked in the mirror and no longer liked my smile. A friend recommended Dr. Carl Steinberg. I had a consultation with him and told him what I would like. After a very thorough exam he told me what needed to be done to get my smile back.

With the help of his wonderful staff, the work began. Dr. Steinberg told me as we progressed what all he was doing and always answered any questions I had. Dr. Steinberg is a very knowledgeable dentist who I recommend to everyone.

It has been a wonderful experience meeting Dr. Steinberg and his friendly staff. I now have beautiful teeth. He did a wonderful job. I have my smile back!”

— Connie Hagan
Rainbow the clown

What Dental Professionals Say

“The essence of my success as a Periodontist is having access to a team of exceptional restorative dentists with whom I participate in the care of mutual patients. The marriage of restorative dentistry and periodontal therapy is critical to successful management of complex clinical challenges. I have been blessed to partner with some of the best and the brightest clinical dentists in the Delaware Valley.

One of the most accomplished is Dr. Carl Steinberg. The team approach requires a commonality of philosophy, clinical ability and extraordinary levels of communication. Dr. Steinberg’s extensive clinical training and experience, consistent growth through regular continuing education, commitment to contribute to the profession by teaching, and most importantly, the level of humanity and caring he brings to each patient with whom he comes in contact are but a few of the personal characteristics which underscore his excellence. It is a privilege to acknowledge him as one of my most valued colleagues."

— I. Stephen Brown, DDS, FACD
Professor of Periodontics
University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine
Director, Dental Implant Center
Albert Einstein Medical Center

"Dr. Carl Steinberg is one of the best there is; I trust his judgment, knowledge, and competence implicitly. He is a rare professional as he constantly studies and learns the novel ways to treat both the routine and the most complex problems in the most efficient and effective manner. But I am most taken by his honesty with his patients. When I treat patients who require more than one specialty, I can always count on his wisdom. He has an in-depth understanding of all the specialties of dentistry, which makes him the best there is. In fact, whenever we consult over a mutual patient's treatment plan, I always learn from him.

He is as unselfish as he is a giver. He has given many hours of his time to teach my residents of orthodontics; has done it exceptionally well. Dr. Steinberg exemplifies the "master clinician" of the 21st century better than most. He is never satisfied unless he delivers the best possible care.

I am a richer person for having known him."

— Orhan C. Tuncay, DMD
Rittenhouse Orthodontics

“I have over twenty-five years experience in the dental laboratory field and have dealt with hundreds of dentists in that time. In the twenty years I have known Carl, he has always strived to be at the top of his field. Carl spends more time planning his cases than any other dentist I have ever done business with. As a result we have satisfied hundreds of patients.

He has been my personal dentist and is always at the top of my list when recommending a dentist to friends. You are always in good hands at Dr. Steinberg’s office.

— Robert Burns, MDT
Master Dental Technician
Benchmark Dental Studios


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