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Dr. Carl SteinbergIn an effort to keep our patients and friends informed of the most current dental health and general health information we will be adding a weekly blog.   Also we will add stories of patients that may introduce a topic of discussion.  Names will always be anonymous.

Our hope is that the information will be helpful to you, a loved one or a friend.

Feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic that interests you.

Dentistry In Philadelphia

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You get what you pay for … While we all like to save on spending costs, there are some places where paying for quality matters. What price can you put on your health? Ask someone who has a serious illness and they will tell you if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.. Years ago we made a decision to work to help our patients get the best quality dental care possible. Years of education and training has allowed us to reach the top of our field. This has been recognized by our profession by the awards received and…
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Most of us are getting tired of the snow and cold this winter season. The very cold temperatures chill our bones but also create an increase in tooth related pain and sensitivity. According to the Academy of General Dentistry nearly 45 million Americans experience tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a discomforting sensation in one or more teeth and can be triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods and drinks, or even breathing cold air. The discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity can range from an irritation of the tooth to sharp, sudden, and severe shooting pain that is felt deep…
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Are you accepting new patients? YES!!, YES!!, YES!!! Our office hears this question regularly so I felt it was time to address it publicly. Many physicians with crowded waiting rooms can feel overburdened. Their patients who have a long wait past the appointment time may sense this as well. Our reception room has only four seats and is only filled when a patient brings a friend or family member with them. We are prompt and respect each patients appointment time so waiting is at a minimum. Many patients do come early to sit and have coffee and read a magazine…
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