Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment where an infected or badly decayed tooth can be saved.

The treatment consists of removing the tissue that lives in the hollow part of a tooth. This area is called the Pulp Chamber, or root canal.

There is nerve tissue as well as blood vessels and connective tissue that can become inflammed or infected inside the root canal causing pain, swelling, and eventually an absess.

All this tissue is not vital to a tooth's function, so it can  be removed in order to eliminate the pain, swelling, or absess, therefore, saving the tooth.

Root canal therapy can save teeth that in days gone by would have been extracted. Today patients can enjoy a comfortable procedure that in most cases is completed in one visit. Once the root canal is completed an appointment will be made to restore and protect the tooth. A well restored tooth will most likely remain healthy for many years to come.






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