Theraputic Botox and Dermal Fillers

The Benefits of Therapeutic Botox in Dentistry

Most people think Botox is just used to reduce facial wrinkles. So how can Botox benefit me in my regular dental visits? Botox works by reducing and relaxing the contractions of muscles. Therapeutic Botox quiets the muscles that cause grinding, clenching and TMJ disorders and some dental cosmetic maladies. Many people suffer from TMJ disorders, or are chronic clinchers or grinders. Studies have found that by using Botox we can lessen the muscle forces placed along the jaw and teeth. This helps manage facial pain and tension associated with chronic clenching, grinding and TMJ problems. See photos on the right.


It can also be used to help reduce very high or gummy smiles (a term that is used to describe a smile that shows an excessive amount of gum between the upper lip and teeth). See photos below.  

Additionally, when some people smile the crow’s feet lines about their eyes get exaggerated. Botox reduces the muscle pull and crow’s feet are softened.  Some people as a consequence of clenching develop enlarged jaw muscles. Therapeutic Botox will train these muscles to relax and the facial features can become slimmer and more streamlined.





Small injections of Botox are used to relax the muscles, gradually reducing the appearance of wrinkles.   Results become noticeable within a few days but can take up to two weeks to show their full effect. A single Botox treatment can last up to 4 to 6 months and can be completed in a regular hygiene visit. Regular care will keep your smile healthy and your total facial esthetics beautiful!

Dermal Fillers

A Dermal Filler treatment can be used for lip augmentation and to minimize lines around the lips, nose, and mouth. A single Dermal Filler treatment can last up to a year and enhance the look of your smile.With an artist’s eye, Dr. Steinberg can sculpt your lips and smile to create a naturally beautiful youthful smile.

Botox and Dermal Fillers can be used for both Cosmetic and Theraputic purposes. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Carl Steinberg is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics

American Academy of Facial Esthetics

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