Dental Services

Dental Services


The art of listening and knowing what questions to ask will help to understand your dental needs and have your concerns addressed.

Examination and diagnosis:

Complete examination allows us to identify all of your needs and develop a diagnosis. Together we can create a treatment plan that suits your needs and goals both functional and cosmetic. Click here for information on diagnostic digital photography and computerized imaging.

Tooth colored fillings:

In their day silver-mercury fillings were the best that was available. The graying of your teeth and your smile was inevitable, as the black filling would show through. Today, bonded tooth colored composite or ceramic restorations allow the natural beauty of your own teeth to shine through. Additionally, gum tissues respond kindly and healthy to these restorations. Click here for pictures of tooth colored fillings and silver fillings graying teeth of our patients.

Periodontal (gum) care:

From routine ‘cleanings’ to significant gum disease our office will recommend the appropriate treatment and develop a plan to get your gums healthy and help you to keep them healthy! A beautiful smile is composed of healthy teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection and chronic inflammation that is the major cause (seventy percent) of tooth loss after the age of thirty-five. It gets under your gums eating away at the bone that supports your teeth. Teeth become loose and may be lost if untreated. Over ninety percent of us have some form of gum disease.

Some people are at greater risk. Genetics are a factor. Chances are that if mom or dad lost their teeth, had ‘bad teeth’, or periodontal disease, you are at greater risk. Tobacco users create more irritation and inability to fight gum infection. A dry mouth makes you more susceptible to periodontal disease and decay. Other risk factors include stress, clenching or grinding your teeth, ‘bad bites’, failing dental work, a reduced immune system and some medical conditions such as diabetes. Additionally, use of some medications such as anti-depressants, sinus – allergy, anti-seizure, hormones and certain heart medications can affect your oral health.

Most gum disease can be treated non-surgically. Following our treatment recommendations and with the help of medications, ultrasonic toothbrushes, irrigation devices and other aids, our patients can achieve and maintain a level of periodontal health that can last a lifetime! Revolutionary new treatment for gum disease Perio Protect click here

Root canal therapy

This can save teeth that in days gone by would have been extracted. Today patients can enjoy a comfortable procedure that in most cases is completed in one visit. Once the root canal is completed an appointment will be made to restore and protect the tooth. Usually this involves building up the foundation (sometimes with a post) and then a crown.

Smile design:

Many people want to see their perfect smile before we begin to create it. With the use of computer imaging we can preview a smile that will help you to see your future. Models are made and mounted on an articulator to allow us to create a three dimensional sculpture in wax to see the beauty and function of our design. Click here for computerized imaging and precision articulators


Can brighten teeth that have lost their dazzle. We can direct you to the correct bleaching method that suits your desires. A beautifully white smile isn’t just for movie stars. You can easily look your best. Click here for details and our patient photos.

Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers:

Some have called Dr. Steinberg ‘an artist’ after seeing their results. Each tooth is sculpted to recreate its natural beauty. Special cosmetic materials are used and bonded to your teeth to correct tooth shape and position, close spaces, and mask imperfections and discolorations. Click here for pictures of our patients.

Crowns & Bridges:

A crown (or cap) covers a tooth to strengthen it and to return its natural beauty and function. Most crowns today are ceramic (porcelain). There is no dark metal at the gum line to show in your smile. A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth. The teeth on either side of the space are capped and the missing tooth is connected and is placed together.

Dental Implants

Can replace a missing tooth or teeth while preserving the remaining teeth. Implants can be used to stabilize existing dentures or in many cases getting rid of the dentures completely! The replacement teeth do not come out and eating can be enjoyable again! Dr. Steinberg has over twenty-two years of experience in dental implantology. Click here for pictures of our patients.

Provisional (temporary) Restorations

These are an extremely important aspect of finer quality dentistry. They will serve as a window into the future allowing you to see and feel what the end result can be. Dr. Steinberg makes provisional restorations that are beautiful and comfortable so you can look and feel your best during this stage of treatment. Many patients are amazed that in one visit they can be transformed from their broken down dentition into a dazzling new smile!

Smile Makeovers – Reconstruction

A smile makeover is a popular phrase today made so by the television show ‘Extreme Makeover’. It is another phrase for dental reconstruction or dental rehabilitation. The smile makeover is just one part of the reconstruction. Another phrase is ‘form follows function’. That means when all of the teeth are in the right position and working correctly (function) they will have the correct shape and look naturally beautiful (form). There are so many shades of white available today that patients can get the smile they always wanted! Click here for pictures of our patients.


Both full and removable can be made to look like natural teeth. Use of the best techniques and materials can allow you to be as comfortable as possible. Today it is possible to tighten loose dentures or get rid of your dentures and have teeth that do not come out! See Dental Implants above.

Migraine – Headache – TMJ problems

These are many times interrelated. When our bodies are stressed to the point of breaking, the weakest link breaks and our symptoms appear. Many times the causes are subconscious and may occur during sleep. Our patients are amazed at our results and glad to see their facial pains and headaches lessened and controlled. Click here for more detailed information.


What's New

ZOOM Bleaching!  Fast an easy way to whiten your smile in one visit! Chair-side Whitening in about an hour!

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