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Smile Gallery

The smile gallery below represents patients we have had the privilege of knowing and treating over the years.  They have entrusted us with their care and we work hard to maintain their beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

Naturally Beautiful Smiles


Whitening Patients

Naturally Beautiful Smiles

Some people are blessed with naturally beautiful smiles. It is our mission to keep them that way!




Below are photographs and stories of actual patients who have gone through a series of different dental procedures to achieve the smile they've always dreamed of!

pre-op post-op
Joann had small, worn teeth. She told us that her smile seemed to
disappear over time. Custom porcelain veneers, Lumineers were used
to give her a beautiful smile that rivals her youth.

pre-op post-op
Sean wasn’t happy with the irregularity of his teeth. He felt his
smile was worn down and dark. His Bottom teeth were overlapped
and crooked. Invisalign orthodontics allowed us to straighten his teeth.
Porcelain veneers created the dynamic smile. His bottom teeth were
bleached to match the brighter veneer shade chosen. Sean feels very
confident when greeting a client with his new smile.

bonding-before bonding-after
Sarah direct composite veneers were created by Dr. Steinberg over
twenty five years ago. These before and after pictures were taken
the same day! While this technology isn’t used very much today,
there are times when a single tooth has to be rebuilt and direct
composites can be the answer. More importantly these pictures
show the artistry that our office can produce.

before after
makeover before makeover after
Katherine wasn’t pleased that you could not see her “new” teeth
when she smiled. Doing the proper pretreatment work up, we
were able to correct the mistakes and make new crowns and
replacement teeth to give her a naturally beautiful smile. When
she saw her ‘newer’ smile for the first time she cried with joy and
I received a big hug and kiss. Being a good dentist has its fringe benefits!

before after
Connie told me that she wanted a “bright bright white smile”. “I want people
to see me smile and say, WOW!” A combination of Implants, crowns and
veneers enabled us to give Connie the smile of her dreams. We also created
the proper biting scheme so eating is enjoyable again. What a gorgeous result!

before after
Bernadette didn’t want to smile. As a gospel singer she was hesitant to hit
the high note for fear of people seeing her teeth. After careful planning an
amazing result was accomplished. Bernadette’s care included orthodontics,
cosmetic gum sculpting, crowns, veneers and bridges. She brought a video
to us of her performing. She said, ‘look at the beautiful smile’. I responded,
“Almost as beautiful as your voice”. She smiled.

before after
before after
Sanford had worn small teeth from years of clenching and grinding. He didn’t
want to smile. Veneers, crowns and implants restored a beautiful, well
functioning smile that can last for many years to come. Managing the
clenching and grinding problem is the key to keeping a beautiful smile beautiful!

before after
before after

Mark told me that his teeth were short and didn’t like his smile.
Lumineer veneers were used to create a full and beautiful smile.

Mary disliked the coloring and shape of her teeth along with the "black triangles" shown in her before smile. She went through orthodontics, had veneers placed on and has had Theraputic Botox injections to relax the muscle causing her "gummy" smile.


There are several ways to get the bright white smile you've always dreamed of!

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