The most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea include:

-Excessive daytime sleepiness.
-Waking up after sleep and feeling unrefreshed.
-Heartburn or a sour taste in the mouth.
-Getting up during the night to urinate, fix your pillow, check the clock, etc. Once or more than once.  (it probably is not your bladder waking you)
-Sweating or a fast heartbeat when you are awakened from sleep in the morning or during the night.

Symptoms of sleep apnea that others may notice about you include:
-Episodes of not breathing and gasps for air
-Loud snoring. Almost all people who have sleep apnea snore, but not all people who snore have sleep apnea.
-Restless tossing and turning during sleep.

If some of this sounds familiar take action!
-Ask your sleep partner if they notice any of the above.

Most physician recomend a CPAP mnachine as first line of treatment.  While CPAP is the most common and effective treatment for sleep apnea, many people will not put up with the associated problems and will refuse to use it. Fortunately, there is a CPAP alternative. You don’t have to choose between the dangers of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the inconvenience of CPAP therapy. The CPAP alternative for most patients is oral appliance therapy.

Oral Appliances that treat Snoring, and Sleep Apnea are similar to sports mouth guards and orthodontic retainers. They are devices that hold the jaw in a protruded position during sleep. This position brings the tongue forward preventing it from falling to the back of the throat and collapsing the airway.  An open airway during sleep allows for healthy undisturbed sleep and makes it less likely to develop the medically related problems associated with sleep apnea and fragmented sleep.

If you are unable or just won't wear a CPAP, call the office now to see if we can help you to achieve a quiet and healthy night's sleep!

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