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Cold Weather And Your Teeth!

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Most of us are getting tired of the snow and cold this winter season. The very cold temperatures chill our bones but also create an increase in tooth related pain and sensitivity.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry nearly 45 million Americans experience tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is a discomforting sensation in one or more teeth and can be triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods and drinks, or even breathing cold air. The discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity can range from an irritation of the tooth to sharp, sudden, and severe shooting pain that is felt deep inside the tooth.

A normal response to cold, hot, etc. is where the sensation will go away within five seconds. If you are still aware of the feeling after that time period it may be more than just a sensitive tooth.

Sensitivity can come from worn teeth, receded gums, cracks and chips in teeth and defective dental work. All of these allow the stimulus (cold,etc.) to reach the inner part (dentin) of the tooth that has nerve endings.

Once the stimulus is gone, the sensation should go as well....unless there is more than just a sensitivity issue.

So if the sensitivity persists it is best to get the situation evaluated.

We are always glad to help. Catching a problem early can lead to an easier fix.

And as the spring approaches, not only does it warm our hearts, but it also warms our teeth!


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