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Are We Accepting New Patients?

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Are you accepting new patients?  YES!!, YES!!, YES!!!

Our office hears this question regularly so I felt it was time to address it publicly.   Many physicians with crowded waiting rooms can feel overburdened.  Their patients who have a long wait past the appointment time may sense this as well.

Our reception room has only four seats and is only filled when a patient brings a friend or family member with them.  We are prompt and respect each patients appointment time so waiting is at a minimum.  Many patients do come early to sit and have coffee and read a magazine or chat with staff. It is nice to see someone so comfortable in our dental office.

I realize that perception is reality.  We want the perception of our dental practice, which is the reality as well, that we are caring for patients in a warm, friendly, highly skilled environment.  We have the time to take our time with each patient so we can provide both optimal long lasting care and an outstanding experience.

Our current patients know that we are there for them both clinically and emotionally.  Many have been in our practice for decades and we are privileged to treat and know several generations of families.

So, if you know someone that would like the personalized quality care that our office is known for, please refer them and we will welcome them with open arms!




Carl Steinberg



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