The Dental Connection of Oral and Overall Health

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Going to the dentist shouldn’t be to just check your teeth and gums.  Regular dental visits should included a comprehensive exam of the patient in front of them.  Often times life threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer and sleep apnea can be detected from signs and symptoms in your mouth.

Diabetes may show early oral signs  such as gum disease that is inappropriate with the level of the patients care.  Taste alteration, shifting of teeth and inflammation of gums and oral tissues are some other signs that may raise a concerned eyebrow.  Denture patients may notice an increased incidence of thrush and oral candidacies.
At every new patient exam and at every hygiene visit an oral cancer screening is performed.  Skin of the exposed head and neck is evaluated for any areas that present a change from normal structure.  Inside the mouth we evaluate all of the tissues as well.   I am amazed at how many people who have been in dental practices never have been screened prior to our visit.  When someone looks at the rear aspects of your tongue, the most common site for oral cancer, people usually remember.  While not an uncomfortable part of the exam, people do remember and is it common for a regular patient to stick their tongue out knowing that part of the exam is about to begin.   Maybe they just like sticking their tongue out at me?
Sleep apnea untreated can be a deadly disease.  Often the signs of sleep apnea show itself and can be misdiagnosed as tooth grinding.  Taking the time to sort out the signs and symptoms can differentiate the two.
We commonly get people who were told they grind there teeth a dentist when in fact the wear was caused by other factors.
Other medical concerns like eating disorders and drug  and alcohol abuse are also commonly noticed orally.
It is important that your dental office has the time to take their time with you.
If you would like more information or a complimentary screening, please call the office and mention this Blog.
Additionally, the office music video tour below will give you a good idea of the type of dental practice we aspire to be.
Dr. Carl Steinberg
1628 Spruce Street
Philadelphia PA 19103
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