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While you may think that a dentist in full gear is a scary Halloween costume, there are good reasons that they are dressed that way.


The bug-eyed glasses, while very stylish, are actually surgical telescopes. Dr. Steinberg uses six times power magnification. Looking through the telescopes allows him to see incredible detail. There is an old saying, “the better you can see, the better you can do”.


The headlight which is a battery operated LED light allows the field of vision to be flooded with a high level of brightness. It is focused on the same area that the surgical telescopes are designed to see. So no matter where the focal point may be, that area is bright and clearly visible. Comparing the headlight to an old overhead light is literally night and day. Not only does it allow Dr. Steinberg to see better and work better, but it also tells our assistants where the focus of the work is being performed so they can aid in the care of our patients.


Surgical masks aid in the prevention of inhaling airborne matter. Both the doctor and patient are mutually protected.


I remember many years ago when I first started to use magnification. I was visiting Dr. Mark Krupnick’s office. His quote to me regarding magnification was, “If a dentist wasn’t using magnification while working on me, I wouldn't walk out of the dental chair, I would run!”


State of the art dentistry allows us to see and work better. It allows us to use our care, skill and judgment to provide optimal care and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.


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