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Dr. Carl SteinbergIn an effort to keep our patients and friends informed of the most current dental health and general health information we will be adding a weekly blog.   Also we will add stories of patients that may introduce a topic of discussion.  Names will always be anonymous.

Our hope is that the information will be helpful to you, a loved one or a friend.

Feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic that interests you.

Dentistry In Philadelphia

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The first part of this series discussed why prevention and some general information on gum disease prevention and maintenance. This second part will talk about teeth and the last segment will discuss Bite and TMJ.The standards of care for tooth health were always brush and floss. While this is a good starting point, home care protocols must be customized for each person. Ultrasonic toothbrushes and water piks have proven to be very effective for many patients. As more people are experiencing a dryness in their mouth, usually associated with medication and aging, there is a greater susceptibility to both gum…
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People complain about the cost of dentistry. The costs to get you to a level complete dental health...gums, teeth and occlusion (tmj, bite and muscles) are the investments you make to keep your teeth your entire life!When gums are healthy, teeth are stable and the forces of function are in harmony, your dental visits should be mainly hygiene visits. Prevention is the key to keep a healthy person healthy.So how often do I need my teeth cleaned and examined? It varies with each person. Usually those of us who are suseptible to gum disease are seen every three months. The…
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Do you get frequent headaches? That question is asked to every new patient on our health history. When I see a 'no' answer, the follow up question is, how often do you get headaches?Answers run from almost never to daily. Some people think daily is not frequent. For someone who rarely gets a headache, weekly is frequent.Often patients tell me that it is their sinuses, but when they visit their doctor, the diagnosis is clear sinuses. A patient points to their forehead and I ask does it go into your eye? "How did you know?"People don't relate TMJ (jaw joint),…
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