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Dr. Carl SteinbergIn an effort to keep our patients and friends informed of the most current dental health and general health information we will be adding a weekly blog.   Also we will add stories of patients that may introduce a topic of discussion.  Names will always be anonymous.

Our hope is that the information will be helpful to you, a loved one or a friend.

Feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic that interests you.

Dentistry In Philadelphia

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 Gum Disease - Oral Cancer - Sleep Apnea... These are unseen diseases that can be addressed by a knowledgeable dentist. The correlation between gum disease and cardiac disease is well documented. Healthy gums – healthier heart. Brush, floss and see your hygienist/dentist regularly to keep gums as healthy as possible. Click here for more information on how healthy gums help keep our bodies healthy. Every time a new patient comes in our office our exam begins with an oral cancer screening. I am amazed that a large percentage of people have never had this before. In our office the cancer…
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be getting ready for some big fat kisses to come your way. So even though at our office, we’re concerned about cavities, gum disease, bad breath and lots of saliva, we won’t use this month’s blog entry to gross you out about kissing. But we will tell you some interesting facts that you can tell your kissing partner right after they smack one on you!! Anthropologists have argued for years about the origin of kissing. Many now believe that it has evolved from the time when mothers chewed food for…
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Studies show that when you meet someone you notice their face first. As you evaluate their aesthetic appeal, you are drawn to the appearance of their mouth (smile) and eyes, followed by the nose. The quality of their skin is observed but not in the top three. But let’s focus on the face and skin for the moment. As an individual matures the face ages. This is not an overnight phenomenon but as a rule is gradual occurring over a period of years. This aging is actually a function of several physiologic changes that occur with time. The collagen in…
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